Mojacar Homes and Villas

MHV was a real challenge. They already had a website, a logo and an established brand. But they weren’t happy with the site, it wasn’t functional, looked cluttered and was difficult to navigate. They wanted something that better illustrated their service and made them feel proud and happy to direct their customers to.

We had a clear mandate, keep it clean, simple and easy to navigate. They were very happy with the way it turned out.

You can visit the site below

Another challenge was the amount of information they wanted on the site. It’s difficult to have huge blocks of text on a website these days, people tend to switch off and navigate away, but the information MHV wanted on the site was useful and important stuff, so we had to find a way of getting it on there without it overwhelming people.

We chose to separate it in to blocks, tables and FAQ sections, making it much easier to consume.

The property listings page needed to be clear, focussed and once again, easy to use.

We were very happy with the end result, more importantly, so were MHV.

Finally, the property details pages. Showcasing the property photos, but also containing lots of other useful information.

We integrated a mortgage calculator, energy efficiency rating bar, visual icons for the number of rooms and several other great features.

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